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Develop Student Resilience

Meditation and Breathing Workshops Designed Specifically for College and University Students

Top Provider of College Mindfulness, Breathing & Stress Management Workshops




Relaxed Minds
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Our Workshops

Check out our most popular college wellness training. Available virtually & on site.

Managing Stress

Coping with Academic & Other Pressures

College can be a stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In this workshop, we’ll teach you practical techniques and strategies to help you manage stress effectively so you can navigate your academic journey with a peaceful mind. Our stress management workshop activities are specially designed to help students reduce stress in their lives.

       45/60 min

coping with academic pressure

Student Benefits

If you want to help your students reduce stress, sharpen their focus, improve their health, and pursue a happier life, schedule one of our stress-management or wellness student workshops.
improved focus and concentration workshops
Increased Focus & Concentration
health and wellbeing classes
Improved Health & Wellbeing
build a greater sense of community for college students
Reduced Stress Levels
A Greater Sense of Community
reduce university student stress levels

Our Expertise

Modern Monkey provides student meditation and breathing workshops designed specifically for college and university students. Our approach is grounded in science and psychology, making it accessible and effective for everyone regardless of spiritual or religious beliefs.  

Our team consists of experienced facilitators with over 16 years of experience in mindfulness practices who understand the unique challenges faced by modern-day students. We work closely with programmers across student activities, residential life, cultural resource centers, and more, to customize our sessions to meet your needs. 


Through our stress-relieving activities and workshops, we aim to help students achieve a greater balance between academics, social relationships, and self-care, ultimately leading to improved academic performance as well as better quality of life outside of it. 

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Aastha Lal, Founder

Mindfulness Expert

manage anxiety workshops

Our Clients

wellness class for students

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Reach out to us if you're ready to prioritize your students’ mental wellness and schedule a workshop tailored specifically for your student group.
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